Tuesday, March 25, 2008

thing 23

I think the 23 things was interesting and exciting. There is so much out there, that we only probably only hit the tiip of the iceberg. I think that we should do more and learn more of the new technology that is out there. Technology is changing the way we live, and keeping up with it becomes a nightmare. We should have to keep up to date every so often. Thank you to the multitypes for taking charge and making us participate, it was a great experience, I hope that we will have more opportunities to do this and to have more time to explore what we have done. I think that I am going to go back a second time and go over the things again, and maybe I might pick up something that I missed.

DONE and Finished with this journey, it was incredible.

thing 22

Wow --- what a learning experience. There is so many things out there, It would be great to find time to spend on each one. I wish that I had more time to learn more. I do want to try to keep up with the new items and the new technology. There are many new things coming out all of the time. I want to try to learn more items as I find them. I probably will want to go back and look at the items that I did do, also and maybe pick up something that I missed. This was a great learning experience and I hope that this will be offered again. It was fun, but also time consuming. I wish that I could put more time into these things, but I am going to try to learn a new item every week and learn something new . I think that the library profession needs to findl something like this every so often, to off er some new ideas and to learn more about it.

thing 21

I looked at Gather and Ning. There were a number of choices to look at. I looked at the GoodReads network and joined. I think that it will be interesting to see what other people are reading and what books they will recommend. I know, I am always wondering what other people think of books and books that might purchase for your media center. It was a very easy group to join and there were a number of books that I was interested and read about what others were saying. I did join the 23 things Ning and there was some interesting people on this site already and I hope that many more people will join. I do think that we need some sites just for media specialists and public librarians to talk about things and issues. I tried to upload the badge to my blog, but I was having problems, I will try to do it at home, it is probably the school server blocking the site.

thing 20

I liked Facebook more than My Space. I can see where people and libraries can use them. Both Facebook and My Space are very much of a social network that has an appeal for younger and teenage people. I also looked at the libraries on My Space. I see that they started groups that are hopefully going to grow and prosper. The Wall on Facebook was interesting.

thing 19

I think that Podcasts are neat. They are short and sweet, on many different subjects. I believe they can be educational also. I think that watching a podcast after the fact, can be good to the point, but if you were participationg in the podcast, you would be able to ask questions during the show. Podcasts could be used in the schools if they were previewed first. I know that a few podcasts that I have watched were interesting and useful to me. Some podcasts have a lot of information in them and are very informative

thing 18

You Tube and Google Video are both very good video clips. I like the fact that you can watch a short clip about any subject. I think that the small pictures are a problem, they need to be bigger and I know that you can make them bigger, but it would be distortated. I do think that there are some very good videos that are educational, but there are alot of videos that I would not want students to use or view. I think that the videos would be a distraction to students, because they would not be focusing on their work, but watch videos all day long. I am also sure that most schools will block You Tube from there servers. I do have a You Tube account but I don't use it very much.

thing 17

The Elm resources are great. There is so much stuff, that it would take a long time to go through each resource and use it. I have put the elm link on our web page, and hopefully it is being used. I have talked to students about some of the resources that are on this site. The Page composer feature was nice and user friendly. I can see putting a lot of information on the page, and maybe even put more of my lessons that use technology on this site. I think that putting information on websites is a great way or great place to have all oof the information on one place. The peer review section was nice and I think that it will be useful to students. The Net Library was a great place with enormous amounts of information at ones finger tips. The Search features was amazing, there are many places that I wish that I had time to explore, but will do that when I find time, I think that Net Library was my favorite site of all of them.